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In this age of ROI driven media market, OOH faces challenges in that sector! Presenting a whole new tech driven world for out of home advertising. Seasoned advertisers and new users can both EXPLORE our options :

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oohTech Planner

A Web based application that Help planners & marketers check OOH in a scientific manner for the entire city.

oohTech Analyzer

Evaluate live performance of your hoarding through our traffic data infused scientific algorithm.

oohTech Tracker

An android based monitoring app, tracker provides real time monitoring images, proof of installation to keep transparency.

Do It Yourself

Do it yourself will help you choose from the listing of the hoarding and plan your own media on basis of the brief details.

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Malls & Multiplexes

About us

India Billboards, an oohTech Media Private Limited initiative established in the year 2017 is a product of passion for Out Of Home advertising and commitment to make the media reach common man. This initiative is to make OOH planning, analyzing and tracking simpler along with technology being integrated into this sector.

India Billboards can be understood as an online platform where anyone can plan his or her OOH media, avoiding any dependency on an agency or the need to scout for a media owner, likewise anyone with a media or inventory to push for sales, can list on our platform.

For seasoned and large advertisers, India Billboards is a technically advanced platform to create data points and share analytics to make planning and analyzing an OOH campaign ROI effective. The three tools oohTech Planner, oohTech Analyzer and oohtech Tracker will help advertisers and OOH agencies to plan, execute and track the campaign in a better and data organized way.

India Billboards is here to take the OOH media to next century, not on an assumptive ROI metrics but with real and tech driven data analytics.

India Billboards : where OOH meets TECHNOLOGY.


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